The Next Robotics Market, A Massive Robotics Opportunity

You have seen the news, read the announcements and analyzed the reports. The robotics sector continues to expand rapidly, with new products, services and companies continually emerging, and supporting an ever-increasing range of applications across the consumer, commercial, and civil markets. Ongoing technological advances, along with dramatically increasing levels of investment, ensures that the proliferation of robotics systems into all aspects of society will continue, and at an ever-accelerating rate.

The Next Robotics Opportunity
To date, robotics opportunities for robotics solution provider value chain has been largely, and almost exclusively, limited to industrial, commercial and consumer systems used in indoor environments. Recently, however, news eminating from the business, investment and technical press, along with announcements of new research, new funding rounds, new company launches and acquisitions, give evidence to the emergence of a unique (and massive) commercial robotics sector – Field Robotics.

In contrast to traditional industrial and consumer robots, field robotics systems are designed for operation in wide-ranging, outdoor, unstructured and dynamic environments, such as construction worksites, open mines, and farm fields, as well as busy urban centers. Field robots, robotics systems designed for operation in outdoor environments, are linked to some of the world’s largest industries such as energy, mining, agriculture, construction and more.

For members of the robotics solution provider value chain, the burgeoning field robotics sector represents a massive opportunity. Yet to maximize that opportunity, sales, marketing and branding initiatives must reach those who can consume, and ultimately benefit from, outreach efforts. The Field Robotics Engineering Forum is that platform.

Who Will Attend?
The Field Robotics Engineering Forum differs dramatically from academic and medical events. It is the first technical event for the robotics industry that is focused on the design, development, manufacture and delivery of commercial class filed robotics and intelligent systems products and services. Technical and business professionals from all over the world will be in attendance, including:

  • Global 2000 Businesses
  • OEMs and Manufacturers
  • Producers of Robotics and Intelligent Systems Solutions
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Media Representatives
  • Technology/Business Analysts
  • Investment Professionals

A Dedicated Robotics Engineering Event – A Unique Opportunity
The Field Robotics Engineering Forum is dedicated to providing engineers, engineering management, and business professionals with informed guidance, peer networking opportunities, and hands-on access to the latest robotics enabling technologies, with the goal of speeding and improving the processes employed when designing, developing and manufacturing the next generation of field robotics solutions.

If your company provides technologies, products and services to the field robotics engineering community, or are attempting to do so, the Field Robotics Engineering Forum provides a truly unique sales, marketing and branding opportunity. The event is uniquely suited to assist robotics solutions providers optimize their outreach, providing them the optimal platform for educating, supporting and engaging with developers of field robotics products and services.

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